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and Sinker Cypress Slabs

Some Different Cypress Lumber

Red Cypress

Red Cypress

Pecky Cypress

Tidewater Cypress, Red Cypress, Yellow Cypress, Pecky Cypress, Sinker Cypress
- rough, green, or air/kiln dried, milled to order
Any quantity - for a small project or major construction -
truck loads are available now!

Cypress Lumber's unique rot resistence and durability make it especially useful for outdoor use, such as siding, decking, and outdoor furniture.

Because it is insect resistent, in warmer climates it is the construction material of choice as it requires less maintenance. It also does not warp as easily as pine and other alternative lumbers.

Cypress flooring is both beautiful and durable. We can provide T&G flooring in whatever width you desire.

Our relationship with several small mills that specialize in cypress lumber make your selecton easier. We will find the best price and location (to help reduce shipping cost) to meet your need.


Pecky Cypress

Sawn Cypress - and Cypress Logs - Milled to your specs!

Rough Cut Green Cypress - Call for Quantity Pricing
Call for quotes Green, Kiln Dried, Air Dried, Flooring: Kiln dried - tongue and groove flooring.
We are selling a lot of this for construction in warmer climates (US south and Caribbean -
high quality construction benefits from this durable, rot and insect resistant lumber.
All grades are available.

Log Cabins from Cypress Lumber:

Milled Cypress with "D" rounded siding for the Log Cabin effect - can be "T&G" for tight fitting construction. Send us your specs.

Slabs - Cross Cut or Wide Cut for table tops - furniture - clock faces

150 year old cypress makes great clock faces
Cross cut slabs 3" - 4" x 2.5' diameter - call for price

We have a full stock of wide cut slabs like this one on the right, widths up to 48", lengths up to 10' - call for current availability. They go fast!
Very little shrinkage on this old river Cypress, where two trunks have grown together - 4" crosscuts $call

Cypress Lumber Beams

Cypress Posts and Beams priced by size and length. - Our price is negotiable. Why? We are buying and selling from many small independent sawmills and lumber men.

Most of our lumbermen are reluctant to mill their Cypress until they know what sizes are required. Let us know what you want and we will find you the best price...

If you have lumber to sell contact us, small quantities OK, large quantities better, all species.

Recycled - Reclaimed - Antique Cypress

as is or kiln dried - re-sawn - re-surfaced
stable lumber for flooring, decking, bead board, t&g or v-groove paneling and construction beamage.specialty cuts -

Check out our  other Antique - Reclycled Lumber! email  Grace  or call 985-986-9945

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