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Welcome to the Dogtrot General Store - lumber for every one.... at wholesale prices, with the same care for project hobbyists as large commercial buyers including lumber yards, manufacturers, architects and contractors.

Here at the Dogtrot, we still choose our products, cypress and sinker cypress lumber, as well as old reclaimed antique lumber, based on what interests us, and what we believe to be "Only the Best".

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Our lumber complies with LEED green building rating system requirements!


"Morning Coffee"
A great wake up before getting down to business!

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For table tops, bars and other projects!
Tidewater, Sinker and Antique Cypress  

Sinker Slabs - Click to see more photos of our Slabs

The slabs we have can be purchased as is or milled to your specs! Click the photos for more pictures and information.

Tidewater Cypress

Any size and quantity!

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tidewater cypress

We have sent out tidewater cypress lumber for beams, decks, floors, paneling, siding, outdoor structures, fences and whatever you have in mind! Everything is custom milled to your specs. Flat grain, vertical grain, #2, select or better.. let us know what you need! Small quantities to truckloads are fine!

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We found this old National Geographic ad on Ebay - as true today as ever.

"He who uses cypress builds but once"
"Cypress - the wood eternal"

Sinker Cypress
& Unique Slabs

Bookmatched - Vertical Grain
Tell us what you need!

Sinker Cypress is very special.. dredged from river and swamp bottoms by trained, skilled divers from where it may have been since the mid 1800's when logs were floated downriver to mills. Sinker cypress is darker and more tightly grained than tidewater cypress.. the color comes from the minerals it has absorbed form the river bottom where it sunk..and may vary from green to reds, and it may sparkle! The tight grain is due to shinkage, and the fact it is original old growth from America's primeval forests.

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Use sinker cypress where you want "wow" reactions. Furniture, slab tables, paneling, flooring and other special projects are enhanced by this unique and rare wood!

We have sent it by the truckload to build a seaside guest house in Malibu (all #1 vertical grain - i.e. quartersawn), and in our own home remodel for flooring and windows. It is gorgeous!



Pecky Cypress

Any size and quantity

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Pecky Cypress is the stuff the oldtimers used to throw away or use to build their barns.. today it is a sought after specialty lumber we mill from both sinker and tidewater logs..when we find it!
Whether it is lightly "pecked" with a few small hollows or heavy "peck", it will make an impresion! The "peck" comes from a type of fungus that eats out portions of a log's interior.. you never know whether a tree has it until its cut, and only milling can show how much peck is in any given board. It is generally used for paneling and furniture.

Click here or the picture to take a closer look at the beautiful photos sent to us by one happy pecky cypress customer in West Palm Beach!

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