Antique Reclaimed Cypress from
a pre-1800 French Quarter Building

Here are photos of the rough lumber that we got in New Orleans. Notice the great old patina on the wood, and the size of these babies! Many are over 20" wide and 24' long!
Click on the photos to see them enlarged.

The patina of centuries of exposure is amazing, as well as the beauty of the wood!

Just a small example of our reclaimed lumber at the yard!

This is just a small example of the load we brought back from New Orleans!

More of the lumber that we brought to the Dogtrot!

If this lumber could only talk!

If you are looking for great reclaimed cypress, we have found a treasure trove, taken from a reknowned New Orleans landmark over 2 centuries old!

O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub was a rollicking rendez-vous in the French Quarter that became a Katrina casualty.. but in addition to all the good times that "rolled" there, it had a history of ghosts!

In the early 1800's, there was a feed store on the ground level, and the owner and her third husband lived over it. He took a mistress, who lived on the upper floor and helped in the shop. When the mistress threatened to tell his wife, in the midst of a great argument, he accidentally pushed her from a window into the courtyard! She landed near the fountain.

He thought he could get away with it, but then saw a slave boy that had witnessed it all. So, to avoid arrest and humiliation, he jumped out after her! Their two ghosts haunted the place for 2 centuries, along with that of the angry wife!

Before the building was demolished, these and other ghosts (It was a very old building!) were exorcized - but the story lives on, along with those of the many people who enjoyed visiting the Pub!


Imagine the age of this beam!

An example of the color of the lumber!

A lumber jumble being sorted for you!

This beam can be used as is or milled to gorgeous paneling or furniture!

This Great Antique Lumber Won't Last Long!

This shows the beautiful colors in the lumber under that 200 year old aged patina!

We can ship this lumber "as is" or mill it to order. Let us know what you need!

There are many long beams (20' plus) that are quite wide (20" or more) that can be cut into bookmatched pieces for gorgeous conference tables!

Send us your measures for a quote.

This shows that there is some incredible pecky cypress in this lumber!

An example of the color and size of most of the lumber!

Contact us with any question- let us know what you are looking for,
and we will try to find it, if we don't have it on hand!

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