Life at the Dogtrot - Original Films About Southern Life

Over the years, Geoff has become an avid film maker, starting with virtual reality machinima, and now
creating vignettes of southern country life - "Life at the Dogtrot".

This series captures the beautiful rural area of NE Louisiana and its people..
taking a look at the past, present and future of this part of America from its residents' point of view.

Below is a collection of his short films about daily life here at the Dogtrot,
as well as some about the wonderful people he interacts with at the mill, and the village of Angie.

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"Morning Coffee"

"Morning Coffee"
A great wake up before
getting down to business!

"A Walk in the Park"

"The Stump"

"End of the Day"

"Lie at the Dogtrot - Raw"


"Last Train to Cleveland"

"Chef Jewel and Southern Eats at the Dogtrot"

"Chef Jewel at the Dogtrot"

"It is Life at the Dogtrot, for Real!"

"November Breeze"

"10,16,16 Entrance"

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